Re-localization of agriculture is all about taking back control over a vital part of our lives: the food we eat.

Food prices are escalating relative to incomes. But if you can grow and preserve a substantial portion of your own food, you can insulate yourself and your family from higher prices while eating better. Taking back control of your food means you have food in the pantry even if you don’t have money in your wallet.

It seems that every frosty morning we are hearing about someone falling ill or even dying from bacterial contamination of normally innocuous produce such as tomatoes or spinach. Taking back control of your food means that YOU control is bacteriological safety.

There are realistic concerns that, in aggregate, the massive dose of chemicals that are used in corporate food production are contributing to a host of ills. Taking back control of your food means that you decide what chemicals should be used — or even none at all.

Empowerment starts at home.

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