March 27, 2009

Revolution in the Garden!

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This year, in my garden, I will be growing 72 broccoli plants in two separate plantings. As these are harvested they will be cleaned, blanched, vacuum-sealed and placed in my freezer. This will amount to about 100 pounds of organic broccoli that, if purchased at the grocery store, would cost about $600 at today’s prices.

99% of the broccoli crop in the United States is grown in California and Arizona. The overwhelming preponderance of the planting and harvesting of that broccoli is performed by Mexicans.

When I grow my $600 worth of broccoli, I am pulling $600 out of a system supporting Mexican immigration.

And that’s just ONE vegetable!

Naturally, my cost for the broccoli is a lot less than the $600 I’d pay at the supermarket. But, when you add it all up, I pay less than $1/pound. when the cost of packaging is included, plus I get some exercise. Not a bad deal at all: I get to save money and eat well while supporting my Folk.

The same economic equation applies with practically everything I grow.

So — what is stopping you?


March 1, 2009

Time to Start Onions and Brassicas!

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A gentle reminder: here in the Northeast it is now time to start onions, broccoli, cabbage, celery and parsley indoors.

If you haven’t started these already, you are running behind and need to get started!